The simplest way to get business value from big data

Whatever you do with big data, whatever tools you're using, you have to deal with the question "Where to start investigation?" or even "What questions to ask?" Every change in any of your business domains reflected in your datasets.

  • Fraud and other internet attacks are identified by their anomalous traffic patterns.
  • So are innocent malfunctions that could bring your business to its knees.
  • Marketing insights and opportunities may be found via unusual data patterns.
  • Any analysis can improve after outliers are dealt with.

But if you're looking for surprises in your data, how do you know where to look? That's where Nestlogic shines.

Nestlogic ADP (Active Data Profiling):

  • Surveys your data to find almost any kind of anomaly.
  • Streams you a summary news feed highlighting your data's greatest surprises.
  • Gives you rich tools to visualize, analyze and share data anomalies.
  • Operates on both historical and very fresh data.