About Nestlogic

Nestlogic is a start-up company based near Tel Aviv, Israel. Nestlogic's flagship offering Nestlogic ADP:

· Uncovers surprises or errors in big data, in the form of data anomalies.
· Provides multiple tailored ways to discover, view, understand and share the resulting information and insights.

The best-known Nestlogic team members are Founder/CEO David Gruzman and Chief Adviser Curt Monash.

Our Team

David Gruzman

David is CEO and a co-founder of Nestlogic. Before founding  Nestlogic. David was involved in several big data startups, including Litestack (sold to Rackspace) and Petascan. David's areas of expertise include Hadoop, Spark, MPP databases and machine learning.




Boris Sorochkin

Boris is COO and a co-founder of Nestlogic. He has deep expertise in cloud technologies and devops processes.


Elena Viter

Elena is Lead Engineer and a co-founder of Nestlogic. She is a very strong infrastructure developer, and played a central role in building the Nestlogic ADP engine. Prior to Nestlogic, Elena was a principal contributor to the ImpalaToGo open source project.


Curt Monash

Curt is Chief Adviser to Nestlogic, and helps shape our product, marketing and general business strategies. He is one of the world's foremost experts on the software industry, and has advised senior executives of most leading "big data" companies. You probably know him from his blogs DBMS2 and Strategic Messaging